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Garden Feng Shui

Garden Feng Shui

The consideration for designing a garden with the use of Feng Shui as a principle is quite similar to a modern western approach in that the designer will often look to create elements of hard landscaping that are pleasing to the eye and lead the viewer towards a focal point. The individual elements of the landscaping will complement each other and harsh corners or points will be softened by incorporating luxurious planting, so nothing feels awkward or out of place and everything is balanced and feels natural. The use of water and light need to be well placed for both significant fortune and practicality to show off the planting to best effect lightening dark corners.

Many books have been written on the use of Feng Shui within the garden, the use of many significant plants which hold various energies such Bamboo and Crassula (Money plant) are well known for their positive energy and carefully placed will help to benefit people using the garden , in contrast to plants with spiky leaves such as Cacti and Yucca that attract negative energy.

Feng shui of Reynolds close garden

When adhering to the principles of Feng Shui in garden, the designer must take into account the requirements of the site as well as the needs of the client to promote good energy. The house and garden should be considered as one space and complement one another. An understanding of the energy map of the home is essential to begin the process, there are many guides to help explain this, but if the planting design does not also consider all the site conditions then even plants selected for good Feng Shui are will not survive and the design will be seen as a disappointment and fail to promote good energy.

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