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Environmental Management and Green Infrastructure.


The environment has become the top of everyone’s agenda and it is important that everyone has access to some green space. All major developments now have a requirement to contribute to the greening of our urban landscape and every property owner has the opportunity to improve the environment. Whether this is by planting a small window box or balcony on an inner-city apartment or planting a new wild flower meadow or woodland in a country estate we can help you with advice and the knowledge of how to achieve your environmental ambitions.

List of Services

Environmental management and green infrastructure services:

  • Green walls
  • Green roofs
  • Roof Gardens / Intensive Green Roofs
  • Light weight / Extensive green roofs
  • Biodiverse green roofs
  • Container planting
  • Window boxes
  • Habitat creation
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Solar and low energy lighting
  • Interior planting and green walls

We are very proud that all of our environmental management systems and operations are compliant to ISO 14001:2015 EMS. We have worked with corporate clients, developers, architects, schools and property owners to design and install all types of environmental improvements and enhancements.

What we offer

Greening of streets, gardens, buildings and other public spaces does more than change the look of these places. Roofs and walls covered in plants, street trees and small pocket parks and gardens in between buildings make our towns and cities a better place to live, work and invest. These green features act as part of the urban green infrastructure network to help clean our air, reduce the risk of flooding and keep the city cool.

Everyone can help with this process. You may not have a lot of space but by adding a window box or green wall to an otherwise baron location or adding a sedum roof to an extension or bin store you are instantly creating a habitat as well as reducing rainfall run off with the added bonus that you are improving the appearance of your property or development.

Bartholomew Landscaping garden with lots of green infrastructure

We also consider fauna as well as flora in or design and installations and we encourage wildlife by adding bird boxes or feeders or locating bug hotels. Water features and ponds also diversify the ecosystem.

Planted area in commercial project that was done by Bartholomew Landscaping

Irrigation is also a very important consideration for any landscape project it is important that the planting that is installed has the best possible chance to establish itself and does not die. We are able to advise on all types of irrigation from a very basic tap connected system to more sustainable rainwater harvesting systems.