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Go with Green

One of the main misconceptions that is maintained in the garden is that green is never referred to as a colour, in fact when most people talk about colour,  they always mean ‘other than green’. Green is important in the garden; it can accentuate … [Read More...]

Seasonal Tips

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Preparing your garden for a spring sale

Barry Burrows offers expert advice on how to prepare your garden for a spring house sale: "Discard frost damaged to broken outdoor tubs and planters and invest in new ones. Fill with fresh compost and cram with either large feature plants, or Spring … [Read Full Article...]

autumn leaves

Autumn Gardening

So much of autumn gardening is about preparing for winter, whilst eking out the last few warm days of summer. Flexibility is the key; know what you have to do, and be prepared to do it at short notice if the weather turns cold. Plant bulbs for spring … [Read Full Article...]

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