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Creating your own landscape

Barry Burrows reveals some of the secrets to being at home with your own landscape and making it work all year round. These days, gardens and outdoor spaces are designed as multi-functional spaces to … [Read More...]

Seasonal Tips

autumn leaves

Autumn Gardening

So much of autumn gardening is about preparing for winter, whilst eking out the last few warm days of summer. Flexibility is the key; know what you have to do, and be prepared to do it at short notice if the weather turns cold. Plant bulbs for spring … [Read Full Article...]

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Preparing your garden for a spring sale

Barry Burrows offers expert advice on how to prepare your garden for a spring house sale: "Discard frost damaged to broken outdoor tubs and planters and invest in new ones. Fill with fresh compost and cram with either large feature plants, or Spring … [Read Full Article...]

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